size: 1.5-10 inches capacity: 2.5-600m3/h head: 30-300m temperature: -45-420 °C material: Cast steel, SS304, SS316, SS316Ti, SS316L, CD4MCU

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Design feature -Type DSJH process pumps are single stage,single suction ,radial split case, -Overhanging centrifugal pumps see constitution figures. -The DSJH pumps are especially suitable for pumping high temperature,high -Pressure and inflammable,explosive or toxic fluids.The pump case is centerline mounted in order to equalize thermal expansion and contraction.This reduces alignment problems caused by case movement due to temperature differential between operating and ambient conditions to minimum limit.Pump cases of 4 -inch and above 4-inch discharge nozzle dia,are double volute to balance the radial force of pumps. -Pumps are self-venting with the pressure fluids flow.But bosses are provided ar the top of pump case volute.Vent tops can be drilled and lapped for drain holes,and plugged with a plug screw of the same material as the case when shipping.Drain tops are Rc3/4. -The flange of pump suction and discharge nozzles are design perpendicularly upwards and are cast integrally with pump case.The flange size and pressure class comform to the standards of 300psi of American National standards institute ANSI.According to the difference of working temperature and material category.The max available pressure of flange can be 5MPa or so. -In order to have reliability.the cases of BB2 process pump are made of cast steel.The hydrostatic test is 7Mpa.  - Pump cover contains a standard stuffing jacket for either packing or mechanical seal of balance.bellows or tandom type.Cover has an optional water jacket that is supplied when pumping temperature exceeds 66℃ for water and 150℃ for hydrocarbons or when specified .Stuffing box may also be used for low pressure steam or other insulated fluids when the pumped medium need to heal preservation.In and out fluid connection (RCI/2)are located at the bottom and top of the pump cover. -Impeller is integrally cast and dynamically balance with the rotor.The impeller is key to the shaft.Rotor is supported by double bearings.Renewable casing and impeller wear rings are standards.Better materials and hardness will be used for both wear rings to ensure wear resistance .The front and back wear rings of impeller are intentionally design with different size.i.e.the wear ring which nears to thrust bearing is somewhat under tension conditions to avoid the clearance gap of rotor. -The same size bearing housing are mounted at the two ends of pump.The material of bearing housing can be cast iron or cast steel.The bearing housing are fastened on bracket and allocated with fitting face.One set of radial bearing is fitted on coupling end and two sets thrust ball bearing arranged in back to back are mounted on another end.Bearing are lubed with oil rings.The quality of oil should be suitble.Each bearing housing is furnished with axial cooling lines for air cooling with optional water or fan cooling.The fan cooling range is 120℃到160℃。Water cooling flange is 260℃ and above.Air cooling is 120℃ and below.Among them the fan cooling range is 120℃ below.Among them the fan cooling is especially suitable for the lacking water or poor water quality. -When fan cooling is used for the bearing of pump.Fan will take the place of deflector.This is unique feature of this kind of pumps and get a patent of America.Bearing housing is fitted with transparent plastic round mark indicating oil level and oiler to motor and control oil level .Two ends of bearing failure .The deflectors are not only prevent dust and moisture but also avoid oil leakage. -A flexible membrane spacer coupling is provided for accessibility of service and maintenance of the BB2 process pumps.The spacer permits easy removal of impeller,bearing and packing etc.Without disturbing suction or discharge piping. Application: The BB2 process pumps are used for refinement of petroleum,petrochemical,chemical industry,pumping petroleum,liquefying petroleum etc. Advantage: 1.The pumps are full compliance with the API610 standards of American Petroleum Institute and have high reliability. 2.The efficiency of this kind of pumps is the first level in the world. 3.Parts of pump have wide universal degree and exchangeability.Some of parts can be used for several series to make production easy and favor the control for spare parts. 4.The cooling  fins are cast outsides of bearing housing which can increase cooled effects.And meanwhile.The rigidity of bearing housing is raised.The construction is new.There are kinds of cooling methods for the bearing,i.e.air.fan and water cooling. 5.The pump case is centerline mounted.The impeller can be assembled from two ends of pump case.It is convenient for maintenance. 6.The pump case is double volute to balance radial force. 7.The impeller is double suction construction.So there is a little end thrust. 8.The front and back is impeller wear rings are intentionally designed with different size.i.e.the wear ring which nears to thrust bearing is somewhat less than  the other to make pump have slight axial force and shaft work under tension conditions to avoid the clearance of rotor. 9.Cone fit is adopted for coupling and shaft. 10.Packing or mechanical seal of single and double face,bellow and landed can be used for the shaft sealing.

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